Good news! Our factory finished up the BSCI re-audit in April.

BSCI Audit Introduction
1. Audit Type:
1) BSCI social audit is a kind of CSR audit.
2) Usually audit type (Announced audit, unannounced audit or semi-announced audit) depends on client’s specific requirement.
3) After the initial audit, if any follow up audit is needed, the follow up audit must be done within 12 months since the previous audit.
4) Each BSCI audit must be linked with the end client, who must be a BSCI member. And each BSCI audit result must be uploaded to BSCI new platform which is shared by all BSCI members.
5) No certificate will be issued within BSCI audit program.

Audit Scope
1)For the initial audit, past 12 months working hour and wage records must be provided for review. For follow up audit, factory needs to provide all the records since previous audit for review.
2)In principle, all the facilities under the same business license will be accessed.

Audit Contents:
The main audit contents include 13 performance areas as listed below:
1) Supply Chain Management and Cascade Effect
2) Workers Involvement and Protection
3) The rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
4) No Discrimination
5) Fair Remuneration
6) Decent Working Hours
7) Occupational Health and Safety
8) No Child Labour
9) Special Protection for Young Workers
10) No Precarious Employment
11) No Bonded Labour
12) Protection of the Environment
13) Ethical Business Behaviour
4. Main Audit Method:
a. Management staff interview
b. On-site inspection
c. Document review
d. Workers interview
e. Workers Representative interview
5. Criteria:
The audit result can be presented as the final result of A, B, C, D, E or ZT in a BSCI audit report. Every performance area has a result according to the percentage of fulfilment. Overall rating is depending on the different combinations of ratings per Performance Area.
There is no pass or fail result defined for a BSCI audit. However, the factory should maintain good system or follow up the issues raised in the remediation plan according to different result.


Post time: May-06-2022