Plenty of food companies today use cooler bags or insulated bags for their businesses. These bags are usually used to keep delivery items cold or hot. Cooler bags are derived from an old idea — ice coolers. Older coolers/ice coolers were usually made of styrofoam, and that made them unforgiving towards flexibility. They were often big and bulky and didn’t lend themselves to casual usage, not to mention its short useful life and impact on the environment . Today’s cooler bags come in numerous forms. For example, Out of the Woods offers a messenger style bag to square coolers for easy packing and stacking.

You might be wondering how exactly do insulated bags keep food cold? Insulated bags are generally made of three layers to help protect the contents from temperature changes. The first layer is generally a thick, strong fabric like polyester, nylon, vinyl or similar. This fabric is chosen because it’s strong, tear resistant, and also resistant against staining. This is the layer of fabric that helps give your cooler bag some of its form and structure, which helps protect the contents inside. The second layer tends to be something that will help with insulation such as foam. The third inner layer is something that will be water resistant, such as foil or plastic, which will help keep the food fresh.

There are things you should look into when you’re thinking of buying brand new custom cooler bags. You should make sure you understand the difference between insulated and non-insulated bags. Try to look into a cooler bag’s basic mechanics before deciding which custom cold bag is right for you.

Post time: Oct-26-2022